Course Curriculum

Implantology Program 2019-2020 Greece-New York

Bone biology, anatomy
Wound healing
Anesthesia in implantology (sedation and local anesthesia)
Physiology of pain, pain control in implantology
Basic pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics,
Treatment area and patient sterilization protocols

Evolution of Implant Dentistry: Plate/Blade forms, Subperiosteal implantology,
Threaded/Fin/Press Fit root forms
Scope and Future Directions in Implant Dentistry
Biomaterials and Bio Mechanics
Review of Current Implant Systems Configurations, Components, Implant Interface Enhancements

Clinical Examination of the Implant patient, steps for patient evaluation
Medical Evaluation: Review of Tests, values and evaluation of the medically compromised patient
Presurgical prosthetic planning: Diagnostic Casts, Mounting, Wax-ups and post insertion prostheses
Diagnostic Radiographs: Periapicals, CT Scans, Tomograms
Perform true restorative driven dental implant treatment planning using interactive CT software.
Developing treatment plans

Understand soft and hard tissue architecture as it relates to predictable implant placement.
Interpret bone density variation pertinent to surgical protocols
Recognize site specific limiting anatomy and vital structures.
Describe the anatomy, biology and wound healing of periimplant tissues
Soft tissue procedures for successful implant surgery and bone grafting
Manage single tooth challenges outside the esthetic zone
Appropriate surgical and prosthetic principles for comprehensive site development in the esthetic zone
Indications and protocols for immediate provisionalization.
Manage the edentulous mandible

Contemporary surgical bone grafting protocols
Grafting materials
Socket grafting protocols
Indications and surgical protocols for ridge expansion
Indications and surgical protocols for maxillary sinus bone grafting
Indications and surgical protocols for autogenous block grafting for horizontal and vertical augmentation donor sites
Compare ridge expansion, distraction osteogenesis and GBR techniques
Recognize, manage and prevent bone grafting complications

Gingival grafts, subepithelial connective tissue grafts, and acellular dermis matrix allografts
Developing optimal periimplant soft tissue architecture

Pre-implant Prosthodontics
Implant Number / Prosthesis
Biomaterials and Biomechanics

Posterior Single Tooth Implant
Anterior Single Tooth Implants
Cemented Prostheses Principles
Abutment Selection for Cemented Prosthesis
Prosthesis Fabrication, Direct and Indirect Technique
Attachments for Fixed Prostheses
Cement vs. Screw In Prostheses: Indications and Complications
Color Scheme Selection
Implant Protective Occlusion
Occlusal Materials
Occlusal Evaluation
Treatment Planning Options for FPD
Progressive Bone Loading
Joining Implants to Teeth
Immediate Loading
Abutment Screw Loosening
Common Complications in Implants Prosthetics

Implant Overdentures for the Maxilla
Implant Overdentures for the Mandible
Step-by-Step Removable Prosthesis Fabrication
Bar Design and Attachment Selection

Failures and complications in implant dentistry
Photographic documentation and PowerPoint presentations
How to analyze literature for evidence based implant dentistry

Utilization of Lasers in Implant Dentistry
Utilization of piezosurgery in Implant Dentistry
Computerized Navigation in surgical implantology
Growth factor technology in conjunction with hard and soft tissue grafting protocols

Certificate of Achievement from New York University-College of Dentistry Linhart Continuing Education Program

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